Raw Vegan Family Recipes

Preparing a raw vegan feast is what I love to do with my family everyday.  Whenever family or friends gather I love to make a huge feast of raw vegan food to nourish my loved ones souls and bodies.


Fruit is Healing 

Do you know that when you eat raw fruits and vegetables, 100% of the enzymes and nutrients get absorbed into the body.  If food is cooked above 115 degrees, 100% of the enzymes disappear before you get…

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Raw Vegan Family blog

Come experience the raw vegan family life.  Be a part of our everyday existence and experience life together with us.  Me and my little family are loving eating an abundance of fruit..

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Raw Vegan Falafel

Watermelon Bliss

Bottled Sunshine


“We envision a future where everybody understands how essential it is to be connected to [...]

Sun Gazing

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