How to Prepare

Let’s start at the beginning. What all do you need to prepare for a big juice fast? 

Well for starters, you will need a good juicer. In my opinion, there is no better juicer than the new Nama J2 juicer. Use my coupon code JULIE10 to receive 10% off of your purchase. This juicer is the best for success on a juice fast because it is easy and quick to use. Unlike other juicers that clog easily and which all need to be fed one fruit slice or veggie slice at a time, with the Nama, you can load ALL of your juicing ingredients into the hopper, press start and literally walk away. This is revolutionary. 

If you don’t like to use your juicer, you aren’t going to make it through a long juice fast. You need to feel as though when you make your juices, it is a fun process. The clean up with the Nama J2 is also quick and easy. You can even juice all day without cleaning it and then give it a good wash each night. 

if you don’t already have a great juicer, I fully recommend splurging on one. This is the KEY to changing everything. Even after your long juice fast, the juicer will be the center of your kitchen. You should use it every single day even when you are not on a juice fast. 

Mental Prep

The next thing you need to do is to mentally prepare. You can honestly either slowly transition to just eating fruit / smoothies in the days before your juice fast or you can binge on pizza and end up feeling so disgusted that you can’t wait to start juicing. Different methods work for different people. The thing that you need to prepare most is not your body, it is your mind. So watch endless motivational YouTube videos like my channel, The Raw Vegan Family and get your mindset right! John Rose is considered the KING of juice fasting. I highly recommend checking out John Rose on YouTube as well. 

Take Your Stats

Other things that you need to do include printing out my daily log and take some stats! Write down your current weight. Strip down and take photos nude or in undies or lingerie / boxers. Grab a measuring tape and measure your chest, waist and hips. Write down your BIG why. Get a journal, this could be in writing or a video series to yourself. Tell people! Tell everyone who will be supportive and stay away from those who won’t support you during this time. Detox your kitchen. Get rid of everything that will tempt you if you are able. And most importantly, hire a coach! Check out my packages to work with me. 

Get a Coach

Having a coach will provide the support, accountability and knowledge you need. When you are detoxing, it is as if you are withdrawling from drugs. You CANNOT trust your own brain. You can be strong as ever in one moment and crumble the next. This is where my coaching packages come in. I will be there for you DAILY. Just like an AA sponsor, but with food. It works if you work it guys! 

Get an Iridology Reading

The next thing I would do is to purchase a pre-detox iridology reading. This is an ancient and most effective reading of the irises to accurately get a physical workup of every single organ in your body. This will be better than any physical you’ve ever gotten from your doctor and will allow you to have a guidebook on your weakness. You can bring in some individualized herbal tinctures to help regenerate areas in which you are weak. It is typical for a client to then get a post-detox iridology reading as well to mark their vast improvements. 

Order Your Adjuncts

Before buying your produce, you will need a few other items that you may want to order online ahead of time. These adjuncts are CRUCIAL to your success. Juice fasting is all about POOPING! Just check out this video I made showing photo proof of all of the old toxic poop that came out of me over my 165 day juice fast. The organs of elimination never get a break, so it is extremely important to aide them with psyllium husk & senna laxative tea. Psyllium husk is a gentle bulk forming laxative and senna laxative tea is an herbal stimulant laxative. Both are natural and derived from plants. You want to be pulling out the waste. This is one of the main goals, to get the back up out of your colon. But you also want to pull out toxins. Using bentonite clay and charcoal powder are the best ways to do this. I suggest ordering all four of these adjuncts. Check out this video for how to use them and for other helpful adjuncts you should be utilizing on your fast. 

Get Your Produce

After you do all of these things, it is time to go produce shopping. My advice is always to get your shopping cart, go to the produce section and buy anything IN THIS SECTION that your heart desires. You must enjoy your juices and for the first few days, your only goal is to make it through the day. If you have never juiced before, choosing which fruits and veggies to combine can be a learning curve. Check out my ebook for my favorite juice fasting recipes! Buying the produce is your last step, you are now fully ready to begin your juice fast. 

You're All Set!

Now all you have to do is work with your coach to make sure your detox is a comfortable one. Your coach won’t let your lows get too low. There are many tips and tricks so that you won’t have to suffer. Headaches, nausea, diarrhea and chills are all normal. If you begin to feel so dizzy that you think you might pass out, get in contact with your coach immediately. Drinking a smoothie is a great idea to slow the detox at this time to a more manageable level. 

During your juice fast is a great time to start practicing things like breathwork, reiki, rebounding, and other natural healing modalities. Check out my detox shop for all of your adjunct needs. 

Happy juicing! Remember, push through the hard days and you will be rewarded with MIRACLES.