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When You Feel Weak, Keep Your Eye On the Goal & Watch These Juicing fasting & fruitarian Warriors who have gone before

70 Year Old Fruitarian's Menu

30 Year Fruitarian - Anne

Eli Marytr - 6 Year Fruitarian

11 Biggest Benefits After 160+ Days of Juicing

My 90 Day Juice Fast Results

365 Day Juice Cleanse Saved Her Life

Juice Fast Day 106 - Photos of Poop

Mucoid Plaque Out On Day 44

How to Remove Mucoid Plaque With Juice Fast

Juice Juice for 60 Days

Here's What Really Happened; 30 Day Juice Fast

25 Day Juice Fast - Surprising Results

100 Day Juice Fast

90 Day Juice Fast; Before & After

My 40 Days of Grape Juice Fast Results

How to Start a Long Juice Fast

My Juicing Journey - 100 Day Juice Fast

Juice Fast Day 107 - Breaking the Fast & Prune Test

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