Connecting to Your Angels

Connecting with Clarity…


Why am I here? Have you ever asked that questions before? Or ever wanted to know why?

We all like to feel in control. Like we know where life is heading.

Yet, the biggest and most profound confusion of all, is the confusion as to why we are here.

The beauty of life is that absolutely nothing is random. Everything is very divinely orchestrated and this is a Truth we will all come back to sooner or later.

The state of confusion, is a state of being lost from our path. Lost from ourselves. Disconnected from life.

But with a little help we can get back on track.

That’s what I did in my biggest moment of despair.

Having gone through the dark night of my soul, and dealing with suicidal depression 10 years ago, I was so desperate to find the light. I was suffering so immensely, but I had faith deep down, or more like a knowing, that life was supposed to be beautiful. 

I tried many different things. But they didn’t work. 

So I prayed. I prayed to find the light.

This was my first real connection with the Divine, after I as a child, being very connected with Angels, shut myself off. 

And this was the start of my spiritual awakening which led to me live and create the most beautiful life for myself. 

Of course, there was a lot of healing to do. All the darkness to go through. But knowing I had the Divine on my side, I had the courage and Faith to keep moving. And the more I moved through it, the more I found the light.

Today, I help others find the light. And I’ve learned that the most important factor for going through whatever we need to go through to heal successfully, is our connection with the Divine. 

We have been raised and taught to do everything ourselves, to be tough and just bite the sour apple. 

But we don’t have to do that. At least not alone!

The planet is going through a major ascension and the Angels are here supporting every human willing to wake up, to come along. 

The Divine is so ever loving. They are the example of pure unconditional love. A feeling that humans have yet to be familiar with.

It does not matter what you have done or gone through in your life. The divine LOVES you. So purely and eternally.

All you ever need is the pure intention to move forward. To do the work. And to receive the support and guidance from the Angels. 

My story and what I do.

Hi, my name is Celia! 

My path of healing and connection with the Angels started 10 years ago on a cold Denmark day. 

Throughout all the years my connection has deepened and today I work as an Angelic Medium, Spiritual coach and Angelic oracle reader.

It is my biggest pleasure in life to help other seeking souls to connect with their Divine family. The reunion is so sweet to watch. 

The change of expression when people realize that they will never be alone. And that they never have been alone. That guidance is always here for them. 

I help seeking souls establish this connection through my work, which is Angelic activation. I do oracle readings; personal coaching and I am a transformational author. 

It is normal for my students to start receiving increasing guidance after being in touch with my work, or even just being in touch with me. This is because the very act of being in touch with my energy, is you inviting in the Divine into your life. 

Working with the Divine really is a blessing. 

My life has completely changed since I realize that there was something much bigger guiding me. I receive divine guidance in the form of my intuition, number sequences, signs, symbols and/or angel orbs on a daily basis and I work with this guidance both for the big and small decisions in life.

Since I have learned to trust that the Angels always see the bigger picture, I have been able to take quantum leaps forward in life.

Our minds are usually very conditioned to stay within the same space and when big opportunities arise, it tends to want to reject them. 

But the Angels will let you know. Through their guidance, through your own intuition. 

Our intuition really is our inner compass and the most important tool you have to connect with the Divine.

That’s why the majority of what I teach people is physical and mental purification in order to allow the Divine to flow through you.

Because guess what my love. 

You are the Divine in action. 

You are the Angel!

And this is what the Angels wish for you to wake up to. 

If you want to learn how to activate your own Angelic potential, work with me through an Angelic oracle reading or private coaching.

When you juice fast, it is the perfect time to work on establishing your connection. A juice fast allows for physical purification to happen, which will allow for your soul to reside more in your own body. 

This is the perfect time to practice and connect with the Divine realms. As you are raising your own frequency through the juices, you are getting closer to the frequency of the Divine realms. 

Let your physical healing be a journey of spiritual healing as well.

Because in reality, body and spirit is one and the same. And it is when we manage to unite the two that we find true, spiritual liberation. 

The Divine is waiting for you to wake up to yourself. 

Are you ready to come home to yourself?