What Does It Really Mean To Be Raw Vegan?

What does it mean to be Raw Vegan?

To me, raw vegan means more then just eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Yes, the nutrition is important. Obviously, soaking seeds and sprouting them to ensure that the enzyme inhibitors are eliminated for better digestion. Yes, eating foods that are dehydrated at lower temperatures, such as 115 degrees, we do this to ensure that the nutrition does not
perish. Yes eating foods, especially ripe off the tree or plant and or plucked off the
ground is the best source. I personally believe this no cutting, no juicing, and no

I call this living raw foods, because it is so close to life source. Now,
don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate of juicing, because there are so many benefits
but to me it’s not as pure as just eating the apple right off the tree. There are
different levels of being raw and detoxing. Anyway, raw vegan to me means more
than just nutrition like I said in the beginning. It means living your best life.
Embracing who you really are. Coming out of your cocoon. Knowing your true
authentic self. It also means, having a voice for the voiceless. The animals. They are
killed and treated so poorly and going vegan can make a big difference. But going
raw vegan can reverse so many dis-eases. Dis-ease in the body simply means a
disruption in the perfect homeostasis that we were meant to live.

If one consumes just raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds it can reverse so many health conditions
such as diabetes and obesity and other health conditions. However, our world is so
backwards, it’s driven by chemicals and programming. Raw foods gets you clean and
clear so you can navigate life more at ease.

We are all being programed regardless if it’s behind a good intention or not so good intention. The best thing we can do is to program ourselves vs. letting anyone outside ourselves program us. We can be
programed to be our best version of our selves, if we simply let our selves do it. We
our powerful beings and there are oblivious industries that take advantage of us
without knowing the harmful consequences that can occur.

I truly believe that anyone who eats meat and or not raw will eventually get diagnosed with one type of
disease or another. Then the treatments (pills) mixed with the chemicals in our food
are just a whirlpool for disaster. But being a raw vegan is really a life changing
powerful movement one can embrace. It truly brings you back to the person you
once lost due to whatever reason because you are no longer numb.

Only going raw for a long period one can understand this statement because you feel every single
emotion you don’t mindlessly binge eat on ice cream after a long hard day at work.
Or dip your hands inside of a Pringle can for that satisfying crunch. It’s knowing that
certain foods have that life source vibrancy and being alive is what we really crave.

Being raw vegan means understanding the value of your worth. Setting boundaries
with your self. Being naked; truly naked and okay with flaws, allowing yourself to
step out your comfort zone and challenging yourself to do even more than what you
thought you are initially capable of. Being raw is taking charge of your own health,
taking charge of what you put in your body, and taking charge of what you buy in
the store (eliminating the plastics and chemicals).

It almost means reversing what you are so used to, meaning doing something differently and getting better results. As opposed to doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, which is the
definition of insane. So a few things to consider going before going raw vegan is you
will have more energy, you will lose weight, you have to eat enough but listen to
your body, your intuition will grow stronger, better skin, hair and nails.

You might want to invest in a coach so you can manage certain healing crisis such as diarrhea or skin tags falling off (yes, they fall off). Decide if you want to go fully raw or onto a juice cleanse. Discover how fully raw works for you because everyone deserves to feel there complete best. Having the ability to change when everyone around isn’t can be challenging but it is so worth it, why, because you gain truth. Once you know the truth, it’s life changing. It’s honestly remarkable and you won’t want to go back.

You will want to inspire others because a light inside of you has been sparked. You
experience pure bliss and it’s honestly the best decision I have ever made. Yes, even
some raw foodists go back to cooked foods however, sometimes we need to go back
to remind us why we became raw in the first place, and every time we remember
and understand as to why we don’t eat this way anymore.

Raw vegan also means getting into nature, exploring the world in new ways, learning to embrace the
parts of you have found hard to love in the past. You do this by fully accepting who you truly are and
standing up for your self when it seems like everyone around you is telling you

By going raw vegan you will learn who your true soul family is. Those
who support you no matter what, you think you have an idea now but try eating
salads every day for work and not going out to eat (it’s tough). It is tough because of
outside influences.

Know your worth, take charge, change for the better today choose at least one raw meal a day or go all in. Juice. Eat the rainbow and love each other. Dream big. You only have one life to live so make this one count. Live like there is no tomorrow. As Albert Einstein once said “ the world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

By Michelle Kobel
a graduate of Jules’s Natural Cure Program who now has over 200 non consecutive days juice fasted & has lost over 60 lbs & is currently curing thyroid disease.

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