Have you met your authentic higher self yet?

Have you met your authentic higher self yet?

Guess what, that higher consciousness is already in you. 

You are derived from a source, the creator, or universe. 


I know it’s a hard concept to understand for some, especially those with a strict religious

background. But, we are one. In some ways, I am you and you are me. It’s trippy to

think about, but hear me out…

If I project anger towards you, it is because I am angry,

however, deep down you too might be angry. That or at least you have experienced

anger at one time or another, same with sadness, fear, happiness, or any other


As humans, we are all going through something. Whether it is good, bad, or

ugly, we have real life human experience, and guess what? I truly believe that we

have signed up for this particular lifetime.

So have you met your higher self yet?
what if you’re not sure.
How does one connect to their higher self?


Well a simple answer to this question would be to spend some time alone to

really get to know the real version. But there is, of course, the longer answer, which

consists of more than one topic. It consists of an understanding, and acceptance to

the known and unknown. It correlates to being one with nature, grounding your self

and clearing the blockages of the chakra system.

The chakra system in short, is

generally seven spinning life force discs that start at the base of your spine and

continues to the top of your head. The seven main chakras you have are the root

chakra, sacral chakra, solar chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and

crown. In a different blog I will make sure to go in detail about the chakra system,

but for now in this blog, that is all I will say about this topic.

Clearing your energy field and being one with nature…

Being one with nature means having your feet touch

mother earth. The earth is pure medicine, the purest of medicine. It already knows

your intentions for this lifetime. I truly believe the earth can sense what we already

will accomplish and what we won’t accomplish.

Of course clearing one channels can

incorporate raw foods because the more clear your colon is the more high frequency

you are and the higher frequency you become the more closer to enlightenment you


I have a theory and no disrespect to any monks or people who have claimed

they have reached enlightenment. But I personally believe that no one who is alive

will truly reach enlightenment.

Why not?

Because we are human, we make mistakes

even if they are pure mistakes. But maybe I am wrong and I just haven’t cleared my

self enough or meditated enough. I will be honest, I only meditated a couple of times

and I do notice a difference when I do vs. when I don’t. I can say I do believe

meditation is the key answer to a lot of things in life, so maybe that will be another

blog to write about in the future when I gain more personal experience.

One of my

past mentors recommended that I should start journaling. Journaling can help you

figure out your triggers, possibly past life experiences, and I do believe journaling

can help you see and hear your authentic true higher self.

Your higher self has the

up most respect for you. Your authentic self has the highest expectation for you.

Your higher self wants you to be able to succeed, to live a life meaningful to live. It

wants you to have no regrets but to learn from the mistakes. To actually realize

those mistakes are blessings in disguise. If your goal is to become a personal trainer

lets say for example, your higher self will not make any type of excuse it will just do,

because you are already it.

You are an infinite being, in my opinion; you’ve been here before and probably will be again in  future lifetimes.

It’s honestly one big mystery, some claim they know more, and maybe they do. I do believe those 

who say they’ve seen

what’s on the other side, or get messages from beyond because deep down I have

too. I know deep in my heart there is going to be a moment of reconnection of those

who were with us in this lifetime that have passed on once we have passed. But

everything else is up to your faith, which in turn is part of your authentic self.

So I

invite you, to sit with your legs crossed (Indian style) on the floor, with a lit candle,

preferably a white candle and a safe spot so it can be lit, and just breath. I would

take three to five deep breaths and stare into a flame. Pick a guided mediation, on

Youtube; one to meet your higher self. Sit and listen, keep a journal near by and

really consume this moment because it really can be life changing, you can grab a

charcoal disc and burn some herbs such as blue lotus to help you create that

meditative space and open your third eye chakra. I would recommend doing this

particular exercise three to four times a week and see what comes up, if any

subconscious thoughts or even emotions come up. Try to work through them or let

them be and just listen and really dive deeper to who you truly are, because you are

far more then a average human struggling to pay rent and credit bills.

We are meant

for so much more then the typical nine to five job, and I will admit I am quite lazy,

but I come to realize its about perception and changing the way you think. Instead of

saying lazy, say my body just needs to rest because a lot of days I am stressed and


Even saying words like stressed and overwork can take a toll. You

create your reality so trick your brain instead of stress you can say you are excited

because the side effects of both emotions are very similar. Instead of saying

overworked say you get to work and have plenty of opportunities that are coming

your way.

So in conclusion, your higher self is the optimal best and pure state and

you are already it. So do something today to help someone if possible, to inspire

someone, to light there flame if in need, because our world is lucky to have you and I

thank you and truly appreciate you. Thank you for being here. Until next blog…get

some nature!

So I challenge you to ask yourself, have you met your higher self yet?

By: Michelle Kobel

2 thoughts on “Have you met your authentic higher self yet?

  1. Carl says:

    Love it. I like to think about how we are all interconnected at an atomic level. All things are moving all the time and the self is just an idea.

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