Fruit Fasting Explained

What is Fruit Fasting?

Fruit fasting is a deep detoxification of the entire body and it can aid in weight loss.

One should consume nothing but fruit during a fruit fast.

However, you can consume anything to fruit salads, fruit sushi, fruit smoothies, to even fruit pizza.

There are different levels of detoxification. If you imagine a pyramid, the bottom level of detoxification in my opinion of course would be the first level and that would be called vegetarian, coming off meat, but still consuming dairy.

The second level from that would be called the pescatarian level, meaning consuming some dairy and fish but no other meat.

The third level would be vegan meaning no animal products being consumed, worn, or put on topically.

The fourth level would be raw vegan meaning nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

The fifth level would be fruit fasting, meaning consuming any type of fruit.

The sixth level would be mono fruit fasting, meaning one would consume just oranges for the day.

The seventh level would be juice fasting and after that level would be the top of the pyramid and the eighth and final level, which would include water (coconut water and dry fasting).

However, some of these stages might be too intense of a detox and would need to possibly be grounded with some other levels or performed with a coach like Jules rather than alone. 

For example, you can do a juice fast for seven days but on day three you might experience some dizziness and would benefit greatly adding a fruit smoothie to feel more grounded.

However, before starting any type of fast it is important to consult with an expert or a coach such as Jules to make sure you don’t feel unsafe while healing. This way if you experience any type of healing crisis you will know what is considered safe and normal and what is not.

Healing crisis can include any of the following: diarrhea, upset stomach, constipation, rash, hives, lack of energy, anything that is not in the optimal state of health.

Optimal health means vibrant, flourishing, no medical problems, energetic and electrical.

It’s hard to describe electrical to people who have not experienced the fruit high and or even the raw vegan high, because once you truly felt the high you wouldn’t want to consume cooked foods ever again. This is just my statement.

I have been a raw vegan for about five months now and what once I thought looked good doesn’t even look appetizing or real to me, it honestly just looks like fake and too much dead food.

We should not be sick.

Our bodies should thrive. Thrive means to prosper and flourish. One should not be tired all the time. One shouldn’t have to take a mental health day.

If one should take a sick day, they should be able to enjoy the day.

We also shouldn’t be prescribed as much medication as we are in our society. I am not a medical doctor so some may disagree. However, I truly believe Gaia our Mother Earth was created with a solution to health problems in the form of plants. 

Our society and our world is so backwards, it truly sickens me.

Our jobs lack the decency for us to tend to our rights of basic human needs, such as, going to the bathroom.

Going to the bathroom is so crucial for our optimal health. We should be going five to seven times a day and that’s to take a poo.

There are people in the health care field that have to ignore their basic human right to go to the bathroom and people get so backed up where they wont pass a bowel movement in three days because of this. It is sad and not right.

Then as a society on top of that, we consume so many chemicals and it is just not healthy.

Then on top of that, doctors prescribe chemicals to make us take a poo where if you just relax instead and change the diet you will be able to pass a bowel movement, provided you are reasonably healthy.

But someone who has a chronic disease, more detoxing needs to be done. I believe there should be a colonic in every hospital. Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy is a procedure done with a medical device as opposed to a natural cleanse.

Detox is another term for cleanse really.

And a colon cleanse is all a part of the process. Cleaning out the colon in my opinion is very important to fruit fasting and being healthy in general.

Let me state this again, I am not a medical doctor nor do I tend to give out medical advice. However, because I’ve gone through two consecutive (one-hundred days of juice fasting), I believe that I can speak out on this concept with the experiences that I have had.

I truly believe we are clogged as a society.

Even now, my digestion is way better (but there is room for improvement). I am going four to five times in one day (Yes poop), however I noticed if I incorporate more fruit versus greens I go (seven to eight times).

I think we should normalize talking about bowl movements because I think its extremely important for health and maybe that will be another blog in the future, but it goes a long with optimal health, fruit fasting and detoxification.

Fasting is usually the universal way. Rest is very important in health.

When an animal in nature gets sick, it rests and I think it is important to consider our nature state and not outside stimuli.

If we as a society running hard working nine to five, and our adrenals is working at an overload pace it’s important to do some type of fast to truly shift and allow relaxation and improve elimination.

“Fruits are full of energy the body needs because deep healing takes lots of it. They are also cleansing and hydrating and you can feel it all the way down to a cellular level”- Dr. Robert Morse. 

So if you have not tried fasting of any sorts, start with fruit fasting. You can get electric results, the high I am describing is a energy high. You feel really good and as another human being I know what it is like to feel really bad so I had to change and fasting was one way to get to where I am now, especially on just fruit!


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