What It’s Like To Work With Jules

What It's Like Working With Jules

What is it like working with a health coach? 


Well in short, it is about having accountability, and knowing your big WHY.When you decide that you are switching your lifestyle around, whether it be drastically, or even in small simpler steps, it’s important to work with someone like Jules who has done the work herself. She is your best friend, supporter, sister, mom, really whatever you need her to be, within a healthy boundary of course and she shows up. 


Her favorite part of her job is meeting magical people. 


Magical meaning they are here on this earth to live their purpose and know deep within that raw living foods is the way to go. 


She helps you discover and meet your higher self. The higher self that is pain free, free of dis-ease and has loads of energy. Dis-ease simply means a disruption of self that is not aware. 


She retrains your frame of thinking. 


I used to think I couldn’t be raw, let alone do two, 100 consecutive days of juice fasting! My diet, even on raw foods, is not perfect, and that’s OKAY. 


It is ALL about relearning and sometimes relearning takes A LOT of time.


Especially when we have been lied to and programmed about the wrong things about health, SINCE BIRTH. 


Reprogramming and thinking for ourselves, in this world is almost unheard of. 


Having someone there that lives this lifestyle, even while pregnant, is the best thing for your success. ;-




She helps you create a grocery list and comes up with meal ideas or even juicing ideas, depending on your journey.


Sometimes during your healing journey you might come across a HEALING CRISIS. 


A healing crisis, in Jules’s eye, can be anything from a rash, diarrhea, constipation, or a break out, of some sort. Healing crises can occur, especially, during your detox phase. Detox meaning the result of your body cleaning itself due to switching your diet around. 


There is a short phase of detox if you go from eating animal products to vegan. Vegan to Raw vegan is really a giant switch, and your body might detox some might even have caffeine with-drawls. Some individuals may not even want to give up coffee. 


Jules helps us to decipher which plan to take and put it in action.


If it’s a plan she resonates with, she will work with you. Depending on the package, she will text you every single day and keep you on track. 


Personally, I really enjoy texting, because if I had any concerns, she would address them. Or, for example, I just recently ordered two whole boxes of peaches, and because I know she has the best recipes, I messaged her if she had any peach recipes and she gave me a delicious raw vegan peach cobbler recipe. I am so excited to try it! Her many amazing recipes inspire me to create my own as well.


Ultimately, the raw food diet is about intuition. Building your own intuition, listening to your gut, is essential for everyday life. 


Knowing when to stop eating…


…and when to eat which foods (fruit and vegetables you crave and why) all plays a key role into your healing cycle. 


Recommitment is another key focus on Jules coaching that till this day I still use. I have been eating about 80-90% raw vegan, with the most processed food I have consumed, being dehydrated sweet potato. 


When I was not feeling my 100%, in the past, I would have gone and eaten saltines, bananas, rice and bread… loads of bread. 


Even after eating a raw food diet for six months I was still detoxing. 


Keep in mind that I am healing my thyroid as well and I was not kind to my colon prior to my first juice cleanse. I have old vaccines to detox from, old antibiotics and such being raw for six months has taught me to be patient. But also, recommitment and both of these aspects is where Jules really helps me to stay on track, and to be kind to myself. 


I don’t have to be 100% raw all the time, if I don’t want to be.


I know I will never go back to eating animal products ever again, but Jules is patient because she knows life is hard. But we are choosing our “hard” by contacting her and having someone there to be our cheerleader, because we all know that sometimes we are definitely not one to ourselves. 


As I said earlier in the blog, it’s about knowing your big WHY. Mine was pretty big, as my niece at three years of age had cancer. Cancer…. In disbelief, and a lot of prayer, I knew, I needed to do something. I was at my highest weight of 180 lbs and I am only 4 foot, 11 inches. If I kept going the way I was, I would have gotten diabetes too, knowing I was pre-diabetic. I wanted to be the vision of health. Not for me, I didn’t respect myself or know my worth to make that call, but.. FOR HER, my niece. She is 4 and CANCER FREE now. (Thank God). But as she gets older I would hope she turns to me, for health questions if she has any if her parents can’t for whatever reason. 


I want to talk the talk and walk the walk. 


So, on days like today, I might opt for quinoa versus bread and to me that’s OKAY. It just slows the detox down and sometimes that’s what you need. The number one rule is BE KIND TO YOURSELF. I have Jules to thank for my healthier choices today because of her dedication to pounding my big WHY into my brain at the beginning of our healing journey. I made a different choice today of sweet potato and that helped drastically. 


So.. In summary, Jules is worth every penny.


Contact her, make that first step, if not for you, for someone outside of you that is worth living for.

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