Sun Gazing


As the dawn of time the sun was worshiped. (“Father SUN /SON holy ghost)  – take it for what you will…


 I have my own beliefs. 


The Mayans considered the sun a God.  


Being out in the sun is very healing. If we hold our hands to the sun it clears our chakra systems in our hands and energy points. Our sun gives us energy. 


Sun gazing is a meditative practice that involves staring directly at the rising or setting of the sun to help focus attention and or clear the mind. 


I would argue with the proper (raw vegan diet and lots of watermelon) you can sun gaze at any time of day.  


The benefits of sun gazing suggest that the practice provides energy and promotes healing to the body. 


There is no scientific research to support this practice of sun gazing. However, I have a theory that if they say it’s wrong or damaging and not all things (I do the complete opposite). Who are they? They are, in my opinion, considered to be wide stream media, news stations and even some doctors. I tend to look within. 


I tend to trust my very own intuition the most when it comes down to my own body. (Another blog for a different time). However, it’s been scientifically proven to get morning sunlight into your eyes upon the hour of waking up. Getting morning sunlight promotes a more productive day and a better sleep cycle. If it’s your first time sun gazing it’s suggested to only stare into the sun for at least ten seconds. Over time you can increase your time by ten to fifteen minutes. I honestly just listen to my intuition, and if I feel energetic which I normally do I tend to go longer. 


Keep it to 80/10/10 if possible if you are considering this lifestyle or more fruits. The 80/10/10 diet is 80% carbs, 10% fats, and 10% protein. I feel my best when I do consume more fruit versus nuts or raw vegan chocolate.  But with that being said sometimes the sun gazing is too much and I have to stop within three minutes. On this same topic I personally do not believe in sunscreen, unless it’s sunscreen with ingredients that I can consume because I don’t believe in putting chemicals on the body if I can help it. Even with laundry detergent I try to stick with three to four ingredients and see if I can’t even pronounce them because there are a lot of useless and harmful chemicals out there. I try my best to avoid chemicals when I can, but there are times, like at work, when I can’t.  


Studies however, have shown negative side effects from sun gazing like ocular diseases like cataracts, certain eye cancers, and photo keratitis are associated with the exposure to radiation from the sun. It can also cause immediate damage to the retina. However, again I am no doctor but I have my own opinion about this…


If you eat a standard American diet, which is filled with chemicals, and you consume toxic drugs such as over the counter or prescription or even coffee I believe it changes our DNA and our capability to be out in the sun for long periods of time. I also believe that’s why some people are allergic to certain fruits too, it’s not the fruits, it’s the other outside chemicals. 


Stress, depression, and anxiety reduction are more benefits listed when one sun gazes.  Meditation in itself can improve emotional processing. Especially sun gazing, I personally used to get seasonal affective disorder (still do at times, I live in the Midwest and the winters here can just drag) which is a mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs the same time every year. For me, it usually starts in January. One of our coldest months and usually lasts till about March. March and April is when spring starts here and we get glimpses of the warm sun and my mood drastically improves. I truly believe that my yearly trip to Florida for two weeks during the cold, heals me. 


Yes, we all have the same sun. However, the Florida sun is a lot warmer than the Sun where I live, and that’s because of the location of the state. So as mentioned earlier, eating watermelon can actually act as a natural sunscreen. It has a natural nutrient called Lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant and protects the body from free radical stress that can damage DNA and other cell structures. The benefits include sun protection, improved heart health and a lower risk of certain types of cancer. 


Here are some fruits and vegetables that have large amounts of Lycopene; tomatoes, pink grapefruit, and other orangey fruits and vegetables. 


See, there is a natural source for everything from mother earth herself. 


The sun is the main source of energy here on earth; people tend to seek natural energy for physical, mental, and spiritual ability. 


Without the sun humans would be non-existent. 


About one billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency, which also comes from the sun. Vitamin D is crucial for bone health and reduction of cancer cells. So go out and pick your spot wisely. Choose an ideal spot where you are in a direct space of the sun rays. You can head to higher ground if possible, or just sungaze at the beach, on a grass plain, or anywhere with soil ground. This way you can get benefits from grounding as well.


And remember, DON’T WEAR GLASSES. Standing in an open area where you can have a clear view of the sun is counterproductive if you wear sunglasses. Sungazing requires direct eye contact with the sun. So make sure nothing will block off your vision. But of course be mindful, and listen to your inner soul connection. Change your angle if it’s too bright, breathe, relax and enjoy the healing benefits of the sun. Worship it because without it there is no life; at least be grateful for it.

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