Purpose of a Juice Fast

The body is a self-healing organism once given the time and energy to focus on healing.  A juice fast gives the body a break from the mass amount of digestion it typically has to go through on a daily basis while you are eating 3 meals a day. The body is then able to go to work on healing itself. 

Doing a juice fast is like blasting the pipes of the body which are almost always coated in a mucoid plaque and clogged with pounds and pounds of old undigested waste. Believe it or not, most people typically have between 10 and 70 pounds of old toxic waste sitting in their gut. Juice fasting will rehydrate this old waste and eventually it will be released, leaving the intestines to regain the ability to fully absorb the foods that you consume. 

You will be amazed as you experience your body healing itself and you get younger with each passing day on your juices. 

Technically, you will not truly be fasting as you will be consuming your normal amount of calories per day, but this time with mass amounts of nourishment from the juices which you normally could not eat due to all of the fiber. For example, you could not easily sit down and eat 10 apples, but you could easily juice 10 apples and drink them down within minutes. You will be giving yourself an IV of nutrients directly into your bloodstream each day that you are on your juice fast. The juices pass directly into the bloodstream effortlessly and allow all of this energy to free up for the body to finally begin to unclog its main pathways. 

All disease comes from foreign material in the gut. That which is not us and does not serve us. Ninety-eight percent of people also house parasites as a stagnant gut provides the perfect terrain for parasites to thrive. 

Whether you are doing a 3 day juice fast, 10 day juice fast, 30 day juice fast or 90 day juice fast, if you are using your tools correctly, you should be amazed at the amount of waste that continues to come out of you. You will be humbled, discovering a new respect for your body and all you’ve put it through. You will become aware that your food choices have not been correct in the past and this food simply got stuck in the form of waste and has been clogging up your mind, body & soul. 

A long juice fast will change your life as well as your entire perspective on all things. This is the single most absolute best thing you could do for your life and your health. 


How To Juice Fast

Recommended Daily juices

During your juice fast your intuition will strengthen as well as your human instinct. You will just know how much your body needs just by listening. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least 4 32oz mason jars, or 1 gallon of juice a day. Don’t drink water. Water is typically toxic unless it is distilled by a good water distiller. Even then, it isn’t the quality of water you will be getting from your juices sourced from raw fruits and vegetables which provide the purest and most structured water we can possibly get. 

Not to mention, drinking water on a juice fast can cause you to feel full before you have the amount of calories you need and then hunger may catch up and pose difficulties for you. The juices will have all that you need during this time. 

Coconut water is a great addition to your juice fast as long as it is not pasteurized (heat kills 100% of the enzymes and 80% of the nutrients). Kombucha is an individual choice, some feel it is too harsh on the body and others enjoy the benefits of the probiotics, anti-carcinogenic traits, calming affect and bubbly taste. I personally drink kombucha on my juice fasts as a treat. My favorite brand is Synergy Kombucha. Homemade nut mylks are optional. I personally did not add these in when I did my big detox as the fats slow the detoxification process somewhat. I do add them in if juicing is more of a lifestyle and you are becoming liquidarian. Still, adding nut mylks  to your dinner juice soups or drinking it as a treat is a much better decision than to breaking your juice fast. Your goal is always longevity. To juice fast until you feel so fantastic you couldn’t ask for anything more. If you’re not there yet, keep going. It’s coming.


how often should you be Pooping?


You should be pooping AT LEAST 3-4 times a day while on your juice fast. You can make this happen using the tools I recommend including psyllium husksenna laxative tea. If you are not pooping this many times per day on your juice fast, increase psyllium husk slowly over 3 days to 3x a day (1 tbsp each time). Increase use of laxative tea to up to 2x a day, 2 packets per tea. See below for more information on these adjuncts. 

Adjuncts You Need

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a gentle bulk forming laxative. It will take 12-72 hours to take effect. You will simply feel full in your colon and notice more stool than normal in the toilet (a larger bulk amount). It gathers feces around the corners of the colon and bulks it together. Taking this gentle & all natural laxative will not affect the planning of your day. You may take it without caution. 


The psyllium husk can be taken up to 3x per day at 1 tbsp each time. Start slowly, taking it the night before you start your fast. You can take it 1x the first day, 2x the second day and work up to 3x a day at meal times. If you are not comfortable taking it 3x a day or it irritates your stomach, go back down. Take as much as you are able up to 3 tablespoons per day. This tool will be most instrumental in getting your mucoid plaque out. Within 6 days of using the psyllium on a juice fast, you should see mucoid plaque or old poop shaped like your intestines. 


You can mix the psyllium husk with PURE DISTILLED water or a small portion of your juice and drink it immediately. I recommend not drinking ANY water during your cleanse and just mixing ALL adjuncts with a small portion of your juice. 


Psyllium husk will become gelatinous if left to sit in the water. Add tablespoon of psyllium, add 4-6 oz juice or pure water, mix and drink quickly. If 1 tbsp is too much for you to take at once, try taking 1 tsp of psyllium several times throughout the day. Remember, even if it isn’t comfortable, it’s going to get you FAST results. After all, we don’t want to cleanse forever!

Senna Smooth Move Laxative Tea

The senna smooth move laxative tea is an herbal tea that works as a stimulant laxative, causing peristalsis to increase (movement in the intestines). It is much more aggressive than the psyllium husk, but oftentimes necessary. 


You can buy this at most supermarkets or in my shop at howtojuicefast.com. Use two packets, bring water to a roaring boil and pour over packets. Cover with a plate and let steep for AT LEAST 30 minutes. Squeeze tea bags to get ALL of the tea goodness out and drink the tea down in its entirety or it may not work. The tea comes in several flavors, all are good.


Unlike the psylliumsenna smooth move laxative tea needs to be planned. I prefer to take it at bedtime so it doesn’t interrupt my day. Mind the clock at the time of consumption. You will want to know how long it takes for the tea to go into effect. 


If you have good bowel transit time, it should only take 4-6 hours before it hits you. If by chance you don’t feel the tea at all, the next time, make it stronger by doubling the tea packets and steeping AT LEAST 30-45 minutes. This could indicate excessive backup. Keep using the tea. 


When the tea “hits you,” you should have cramping and feel like you may have diarrhea/a short lived stomach bug 4-6 hours after consumption. If it is painful, it should only last until you eliminate which should occur within 20 minutes or less of feeling pain. Try colon massages to work waste out and help the tea do its job to increase comfort level. 


As mentioned above, I prefer to take the senna tea at night because I just wake up, eliminate and go back to sleep, skipping the build up which can be uncomfortable if you are in a working environment or on the go during the day and not near a toilet. If you become weak or dizzy from diarrhea, discontinue the tea for a few days. You should not see this or any adjunct in your stool aside from the activated charcoal which will turn stool black. 

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a liquid clay that draws toxins to it, yet it is indigestible by the body. It will come into the body, attract toxins and then all will be eliminated with the toxins it has drawn out. You should not see this in your stool. 


To use the bentonite clay, pour a tablespoon into 4-6 oz of juice/pure water, stir it and drink it down. It doesn’t have much flavor. 

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal – internal bath. This will turn your stool black, it is not digested, but simply eliminated with the toxins it collected on its way throughout your body. It is similar to the bentonite clay, but grabs different toxins.  


Take 1 tablespoon every day in your juices. Activated charcoal has no flavor so it can be added right to your full cup of juice for consumption. But don’t take my word for it! It does change the consistency a bit, so test it out in a small bit of juice first before adding to a whole juice to make sure you like it. 

How to Use Your Adjuncts

I highly suggest checking out the below links to my youtube videos in which I personally demonstrate how to take all of these adjuncts. 

Juice Fasting Adjuncts

10 Things I do Everyday to Detox


Performing ENEMAS on yourself regularly throughout your fast is also highly beneficial. It will most definitely speed up your detoxification. It will also make detoxification more comfortable for you. If you have a dirty colon, you are bound to have more yucky detox symptoms (headache, brain fog, nausea).


Here is my video describing how exactly to get started doing that and why I think its an essential part of your healing journey. 

You can purchase the same enema bag used in this video as well as any and all of these aforementioned adjuncts here!