30 Day Juice Fast Coaching Package


This is a 30 day juice fasting package.

After purchase, you will be asked to download the app WhatsApp, this is where you will be able to be in touch with your coach DAILY.

Upon purchase, you will be given your coaches PERSONAL phone number and asked to send the first text over this app.

Shortly after you will receive an in depth client questionnaire via email.

A pre-cleanse video chat conference will be scheduled with Jules that will last 1-2 hours.

During this video conference, you and your coach will discuss all factors of your individual journey as you juice fast.

Triggers you may have and bonus points that are on your side will be revealed. You and your coach will discuss any and all health issues that may be bothering you. Fears will be confronted and calmed. By the end of your pre-cleanse conference you will feel 100% pumped up and ready to take on your 30 day juice fast.

From this point on, Jules will be available to you for a 1 video chat per week, 2 15 minute phone calls a week and unlimited daily texting.

Weekends are for emergency calls ONLY which are always available to you.

Keep in mind that Jules takes weekends to be present with her family and so texting during this time should be limited to respect her down time.

Your coach will guide you through every aspect of your juice fast and guide you through breaking the fast as well as how to carry out the re-feeding process.

A month long juice fast will be life changing and is long enough to reverse even very serious health issues.

Cheers to your Retune with Jules Juice Fast!