Jules, 165 Day Juice Fast & Raw Vegan Transformation

Jules was the very first graduate of her program, The Natural Cure, A Mental, Physical & Spiritual Ascension Program. She began her journey 6 years ago when she decided to change her life and break her alcohol and pharmaceutical drug addiction once and for all. She decided to clean her body and change the course of her life by going vegan. A year later she felt much better and decided to take the leap to RAW vegan. Because of the dramatic improvement this had on her outlook on life and her mood in general, she was then fully able to cut out alcohol and slowly weened off all medical drugs including Adderall & Clonopin as well.  She maintained raw for 5 more years before embarking on her most life changing experience yet, her 165 day juice fast. Through these dietary changes, Jules was able to cure her depression, anxiety attacks, mood swings, fatty gallbladder, severe digestive issues, self confidence issues, eating disorder (bulimia), and become her ideal self. 

“If you would have asked 5 years ago me where I would be today, never in a million years would I think I’d be here in this state of blissful optimal health and happiness. I attribute my entire journey to my dietary changes. Everything I have been able to do to fix my life is due to the magic of self-healing through natural foods & fasting. I can’t believe I spent so much of my life suffering & unhappy when the answer was simple and accessible all this time! I decided I needed to teach as many people out there who would listen about this incredible truth. We can all be our ideal selves if we just let go of our attachment to our toxic ways. Juicing makes it easy! If you’re feeling stuck in any area or aspect of your life, the biggest, best & quickest change you can make is to do a long juice fast and join me on the receiving side of life! Cheers!”



Mando, 5 day Juice Fast

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Michelle – 100 day Juice Fast, Breaking the Fast Program & Transition to Raw Program

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Becca – Breastfeeding Mama – 10 Day Juice Fast

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Carl 90+ Day Juice Fast

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Christy, 90 Day Juice Fast

Christy graduated from our 90 Day Ascension Program, juicing even through the holidays. She worked every angle of the program and in return experienced a full mental, physical & spiritual rebirth. During her time with us, she lost 50lbs and had a complete mind, body & spirit rebirth. 

Here is what she had to say on day 90:

“I have completed part one of regaining my health, which was a goal to do a 90 day juice only fast. I did it! So many changes they are hard to even remember. On day one, I weighed 222lbs
I felt embarrassed, frustrated, foggy headed, tired, like I had let myself down because I had regained a majority of the weight I had lost previously. I began to believe I wasn’t capable. I knew that for me to regain the confidence, I needed to set and complete 90 days. The goal had to be big enough that I would have to dig my heels in and fight for it! I’ve never struggled with helping others it’s always been with helping myself that has been the issue. So here I am, Day 90! I weight 173lbs. I feel energetic, confident and excited for my personal journey. Jules was there for me every step of the way. Whenever I had a weak moment, I was able to text/call or zoom chat with here. I stand here 90 days later knowing that I can do things for myself, just because it’s important to me and without the need of approval. Thank you to Jules for walking this journey with me, providing accountability and community. I could not have done this without her! Without change there would be no butterflies!” 

Julia, 153 Day Juice Fast

“This best decision I made for myself in my life was to do an extended juice feast. What a life changing experience.  I have done many juice cleanses in the past, never for as long as I did this time, 153 days. One of the major differences that got me through was investing in a coach. Jules was my support system, biggest cheerleader, and problem solver. It gave me great comfort in knowing that I had someone on standby for any questions or concerns that came up who had gone through this experience first hand before me. I’m forever changed for the better because of this. Discipline is the greatest form of self love and this was my greatest reminder of that. I originally set out to complete 90 days and kept extending because I felt so great. I lost over 60lbs and gained my confidence back and started to heal myself. Forever grateful for Jules for being on this journey with me. ❤️

Nayeem, 150 Day Juice Fast

Nayeem lost 130lbs over the span of his 150 day juice fast with our team. Here is what he has to say about the experience:

“Working with Jules changed my life forever. Obviously, I changed my physique so dramatically that some people did not even recognize me at the end. But what you don’t see in the pictures is how much I changed on the inside. My self esteem issues are gone, my depression is gone & my anxiety is gone. I am no longer living in the cage that was my body. I am no longer a slave to food. I eat a fully RAW VEGAN diet, thanks to Jules’s Raw Vegan Transition Program. I am happier than I’ve ever been. Nothing will ever be the same, everything is better now. I would love to see anyone struggling with their weight / mental health complete this program. The world would be a better place if everyone did a juice fast with Jules.”

Rachel, 130 Day Juice Fast

Rachel completed our 90 Day Ascension Program and then continued on for 40 more days! She then completed Jules’s Breaking the Fast Program & coached with Jules on how to become FULLY RAW VEGAN. She has maintained her ideal weight since breaking her extended juice fast and finds it easy to do now that she has experienced a full rebirth and completely retrained her brain with which foods to focus on for optimal health and weight. Rachel lost 50lbs and cured IBS, painful periods, skin tags & ovarian cysts. 

Here is what she had to say about her experience. 

“Working with Jules and her team was the best decision of my life. I literally never thought it was possible to look and feel so good at this age. I can honestly say that I look and feel better than I have in 10 years. Actually, I look better than I have… EVER. Even when I was a child. I have no more inflammation or join pain. I have endless energy. I no longer get migraines and I no longer have eye floaters! I also couldn’t believe Jules’s was right about the amount of poop in our guts. I literally pooped multiple times a day for MONTHS thanks to Jules’s fool proof protocol with the psyllium husk and bentonite clay. I really liked how hands on Jules was and how she had a perfectly designed program for me to utilize as much or as little as I wanted. In the end, I ended up working the program in its entirety. And wow is it worth it. I highly recommend working every aspect of the program to get the full results. I loved how my pre-cleanse iridology reading taught me where I was starting from and gave me a great idea of what weaknesses I needed to work on. After my iridology results, Jules’s prescribed me some amazing herbal tinctures that worked wonders in terms of regeneration. I also absolutely adored Dev and his breathwork courses. I never knew breathing for an hour could change the way you feel for the rest of the day! This was a life changing experience and i highly recommend it for anyone struggling with their diet and body image or any health issue really. Jules is full of all of the knowledge you need and she is truly just a very special and motivating person to come into contact with! If you’re considering doing this, but you aren’t 100%, here I am to say, this is it. This is the program you’ve been looking for! Go all in and you will be shocked with how amazing your results are. Thanks for everything Jules and team!” 

Kaycee, 120 Day Juice Fast

Danny, 120 Day Juice Fast

Kaycee & Danny are one inspiring couple! During their journey they actually talked with and received guidance and encouragment from John Rose himself! How cool is that?! You can follow them on Instagram and see how they’ve maintained their gains through a low fat, high fruit raw vegan lifestyle. Check them out and get some great meal ideas here @raw.man.dan & @raw.vegan.healing. They also offer a 7 Day Raw Vegan Meal Plan

Here is what they had to say about their 4 month long juice fast. 

“My husband and I made the decision to embark on an incredible 120 day juice feast January 1st 2021- May 1st 2021. I was battling with autoimmune issues, malabsorption, bad digestion, and more. Danny was trying to overcome bad eating habits and loose some weight. What we didn’t realize at the time was how completely life changing those 4 months would be. Not only were we able to address the above issues, but we were truly able to transform our entire lives. We have adapted the habit of having juice every single day to break our fast, and we have noticed so many improvements in our overall health. I am so grateful that we took the plunge and made the commitment to ourselves and our health.”

Michelle, 40 Day Juice Fast & Raw Vegan Transition

Michelle is now and expert herself in this lifestyle & makes the BEST raw vegan food and has an EPIC ebook available here with more on the way! Check below for her instagram.

“Within the first 3 months of going raw vegan (from a cooked vegan diet) I lost 30 lbs. These 3 months included a 40 day juice feast which was transformational! I truly tapped into the secrets of the body and what it needs to heal and rejuvenate and regenerate. Since then, I’ve maintained a raw vegan lifestyle for 2+ years, maintained a healthy weight, and now coach many on their journey to weight loss and transitioning to a healthy high raw vegan diet. You can follow my journey and get inspired to start your own @michelle_deboraw on Instagram! I love to share tips and lifestyle education on how to transform through the raw vegan lifestyle.”